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  • Noodle Machine

    Noodle Machine

    Our factory specialize in producing fried instant noodle machine,dried noodle machine,stick noodle machine,fresh noodle machine,chowmein noodle machine. The machine capacity is from small to big .
  • Noodle Slitter

    Noodle Slitter

    We can make round and square noodle slitter, size is 0.8mm--- 5.0mm, material has carbon steel and stainless steel. We can also make it accord customer’s drawing .
  • Boiler


    The steam boiler by the drum and the two side of water wall tube compose convection chamber and convection gas flue,the front smoke chamber made up of four pipe-shed and front tube plate. Inside the drum installed convection pipe thread. Supporting the whole furnace, chain grate at the bottom of the water-cooling system supporting the who
  • Oil Press Machine

    Oil Press Machine

    Oil press machine is used for oil pressing, such as soybeen, pesnut, sunflower and other kinds of usual oil. 1. oil press machine is easy and convenient to operate 2. oil press machine with high quality 3.oil press machine price is not high
  • Packing Machine

    Packing Machine

    ★Standard features:  3 independent motors (Conveyor, center sealing and end sealing)  Motion controller for quick response to various commands  Accurate positioning  Digital temperature control  Food grade SS304 contact parts  Touch screen ★Special features:  All control in one touch screen, user-friendly and easy operation