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Powder Filling Machine

Powder Filling Machine

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powder filling machine
1. Low loss of packaging materials, the machine uses prefabricated bags, perfect design of packaging bags, good sealing quality, thereby improving the product grade.          
 2. A variety of ways to send bags, bagger can store more bags, lower quality requirements for bags, bagging, bagging rate is high.          
 3. Operating noise of the whole machine: Operating noise of the equipment is within 70 dB (outside 1 m).          
 4. Equipment sealing adopts constant temperature sealing.          
 5. Opening bags by mechanical opening zipper and vacuum opening.           
6. The powder filling machine controls the action of releasing materials by weighing and measuring, and does not waste materials.           
7. Equipment according to the size of the bag, matching the appropriate stainless steel hopper, hopper replacement is convenient.           
8. Equipments are equipped with vibration devices to ensure that no sealing and clamping phenomena occur in the process of material packaging.          
 9. The equipment is equipped with safety door, which is made of transparent plexiglass.

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