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Pouch Packing Machine

Pouch Packing Machine

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pouch packing machine Main performance and characteristics:          
 1. Using color touch screen in Chinese and English and stable and reliable two-axis high-precision output of PLC control, bag-making, measurement, filling, sealing, coding, cutting bags completed at one time.           
2. Air circuit control and circuit control are separated independently, with less noise and more stable circuit.          
 3. Using vacuum double belt servo motor to pull film: the resistance of pulling film is small, the pouch packing machine bag is well formed, more beautiful, and the belt is not easy to wear.          
 4. Servo control is adopted to achieve high precision positioning and accurate size.           
5. With the external film release mechanism, the installation of packaging film is simpler and easier.           
6. The whole machine adopts closed mechanism to effectively prevent dust from entering the inside of the machine.

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