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Noodle Packaging Machine

Noodle Packaging Machine

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noodle packing machine
1. The machine can be packed in single or arbitrary groups. It is a fully automatic heat shrinkable packaging machine designed for assembly line operation and mass packaging.       
 2. According to the specific situation of the product, automatic feeding system can be selected to realize unmanned operation of feeding and various forms of conveyors to ensure that the material will not move or roll.         
 3. Anti-cutting safety clutch device, does not damage the packaging, so the overall efficiency is high.         
 4. After packaging, the seal of the product is linear and the steel grain is clear and beautiful.        
  5. The length, speed, temperature and temperature of the bag can be adjusted independently, which is convenient and accurate.
noodle packing machine Electrical characteristics           
1. The control unit is composed of servo motor, servo driver and large screen display. The control precision is very high. The intelligent control system makes all parameters set easily and locked accurately. The parameters of bag making and cutting length sealing temperature are locked more accurately.          
 2. Servo system replaces the traditional mechanical film feeding system, simplifies the mechanical structure, makes the packaging machine run more smoothly, daily maintenance more convenient and simple, reduces the skill requirements of operators, and also reduces the noise and failure rate of machine operation significantly.         
  3. Frequency conversion speed regulation is adopted, which reduces the cost and improves the performance-price ratio.          
 4. The new longitudinal seal heating can seal at low temperature and reduce parking ironing film.

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