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Liquid Filling Machine

Liquid Filling Machine

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Because of the rich variety of liquid products, there are many kinds and forms of liquid filling machine. Among them, the liquid filling machine used to pack liquid food has higher technical requirements. Sterility, hygiene and safety are the basic requirements of liquid food packaging machine.          
 1. Before each boot, check to see if there is any abnormality around the machine.           
2. When the machine is in operation, it is strictly forbidden for the body, hands and head to approach or touch the running parts.          
 3. When the machine is in operation, it is strictly forbidden to put hands and tools into the knife seat.           
4. Frequent switching of operation buttons is strictly prohibited when the machine is working normally. Frequent changing of parameter setting values is strictly prohibited.           
5. Super-high speed and long-term operation is strictly prohibited.           
6. It is forbidden for two persons to operate all kinds of switch buttons and mechanisms of the machine at the same time; the power supply should be turned off when maintaining and maintaining the machine; while many people are debugging and repairing the machine at the same time, they should pay attention to mutual communication and indication to prevent accidents caused by non-coordination.           
7. When checking and repairing the electric control circuit, live work is strictly prohibited! Be sure to cut off the power supply! To be accomplished by electrical professionals, the automatic program of this machine is locked and can not be altered without authorization.           
8. When the operator is unable to stay awake due to drinking or fatigue, it is strictly forbidden to operate, debug or repair the machine; other untrained or ineligible personnel shall not operate the liquid filling machine.

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