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Horizontal Packaging Machine

Horizontal Packaging Machine

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Multifunctional horizontal packaging machine is suitable for the packaging of solid goods of various shapes, such as biscuits, chocolate, extra-long candy, bread, egg yolk pie, instant noodles, ice-cream, moon cakes and other food, medicine, daily necessities, aviation knives and forks, hardware accessories and other pillow packaging.          
 horizontal packaging machine Performance characteristics           
Full computer control, two-way tracking of photoelectric color mark, fast tracking and effective elimination of packaging errors, avoid waste of packaging film and materials.            Intelligent temperature control, intuitive display, convenient setting, accurate temperature control.            It has the advantages of high speed, high efficiency, stable operation, simple operation, low failure rate and convenient maintenance.   
horizontal packaging machine      
 Optional date automatic typing machine, hanging automatic punching device, automatic cake dropper, nitrogen filling device.            Customizable full-automatic computer touch screen control + servo motor system model and stainless steel shell model.

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