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Honey Packing Machine

Honey Packing Machine

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honey packing machine Characteristic         
 The machine has a set of longitudinal sealing hot roller device, a set of transverse sealing hot roller device and a set of transverse sealing cold roller device. The seal is rolled and equipped with imported high temperature bearings. The longitudinal seal pattern is checkerboard pattern matched with leak-proof line (or stripe pattern), and the horizontal seal pattern is checkerboard pattern matched with leak-proof line (or stripe pattern) or flat seal matched with leak-proof line (or stripe pattern).            The whole honey packing machine includes: bag making, vertical sealing, filling, horizontal sealing, horizontal strengthening sealing, double tear incision making, cutting, printing and other main processes.            The feeding device will be selected according to the physical condition of the packed hot material, including the magnetic pump (M) for liquid filling and sealing, the Haiba pump (H) for homogeneous sticky filling, and the piston pump (P) for paste filling. Cutting knife can adopt one of three ways: flat knife, sawtooth and dotted line.            Four-variable frequency motor drives longitudinal seal, transverse seal, cold seal, roller and cutter device separately.            Program compatibility and more extensive functions, temperature control, knife cutting device into touch screen computer operation, operation is more simple and convenient.

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