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Coffee Packing Machine

Coffee Packing Machine

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Requirements for the use of environment and packaging materials for coffee packing machine:         
  (1) The coffee packing machine is required to operate in a dust-free environment with a temperature of 10-40 degrees Celsius and a relative humidity of not more than 25%.          
 (2) The suitable packaging materials for this machine are composite materials, such as high-pressure polyethylene with glass paper, tape film and aluminum foil as the base materials.          
 The outer diameter of the packaging film is less than 400 mm and the inner hole of the framework is 76 mm.          
 (3) The edge of the packaging film is marked with a photoelectric control black mark (10 mm * 5 mm wide), and the color difference is clear and distinct. No other words or patterns are allowed to be printed on the edge band, so as to avoid misoperation.

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