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Chilli Packing Machine

Chilli Packing Machine

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Chilli Oil, Chilli Seed Packaging Machine | Fried Chilli Segment Packaging Machine | Chilli Sauce Packaging Machine           
chilli packing machine main parameter        
1. Measurement range: 5-50 G           
2. Packing speed: 35-55 bags/minute           
3. Power supply: three-phase 380V50Hz (or 220V50Hz)          
4. Power of the whole machine: 1.6 kw          
 5. Outward Size MM: 700 *860 *1750 (Length *Width *Height)           
6. Whole machine weight: 280 kg           
7. chilli packing machine materials: polyethylene/nylon, paper/polyethylene, polyester/aluminium foil/polyethylene, polyester/polypropylene.           
8. It can be equipped with automatic sealing machine to seal products.            Mainly for the market            Pepper Seasoning for Shanxi, Sichuan, Inner Mongolia, Yinchuan and Gansu            Fast packaging of fried chili seeds and chili oil will bring you more delicious enjoyment.            main features            The pump body is made of stainless steel, and the packing quantity can be within the rated range.            Stepless adjustment. Quantitative canning of pepper seeds and pepper oil is used to make the products fully integrated after packaging. It is specially designed for automatic packaging of pepper seeds, pepper oil and peel-making condiments.            Main Applications: It is suitable for automatic packaging in food and food condiment industries. The main products include automatic packaging of pepper oil and pepper seeds, automatic filling of pepper skin condiments and automatic filling of cool powder condiments. It has a better solution for rapid separation of pepper oil and pepper oil, which is popular in the market.            Packing sample

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