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Biscuit Packing Machine

Biscuit Packing Machine

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The whole biscuit packing machine  is controlled by three servos. The speed of the servo continuous film drawing system can reach 120 packs per minute at the fastest.            New appearance, assembled rack, from the whole to improve precision, electrical components box clever and the whole machine, both according to the touch screen angle adjustable to consider, but also into the practical structure of aesthetics, generous, appropriate, practical, refined, unparalleled.            Vacuum film drawing, combined with the servo film drawing system of planetary gear reducer, runs stably and has a long service life. The whole machine leaps to a new stage of high precision and high quality.            More than 90% of the parts are made of stainless steel and processed precisely. More than 90% of the electrical components are imported brands. The real high quality ensures the stable operation of the biscuit packing machine  and long service life.            Portable automatic deviation correction system, point-to-point, tracking and alignment accurate and convenient, adapted to different customer needs, open up a broader market.            Novel vertical seal structure, easy to adjust and use, mature horizontal seal structure, easy to adjust by gravity balance system, stable performance, so that operators will admire.            The improved moulder has the advantages of light structure design, exquisite process and accurate positioning structure with strong interchangeability. It also uses lever locking device to fix tightly without loosening automatically.            Simple paper rack, whether it is to change the position of the color mark or to adjust the angle of entering the moulder, is even easier.            Optional equipment: nitrogen filling device, punching and sealing roller, continuous packaging device and angle folding device.

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