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Noodle Machine

Our factory specialize in producing fried instant noodle machine,dried noodle machine,stick noodle machine,fresh noodle machine,chowmein noodle machine. The machine capacity is from small to big .
  • Noodle Machinery

    Noodle Machinery

    http://www.kdnoodlemachine.comRead More
  • Instant Noodle Machine

    Instant Noodle Machine

    Our instant noodle machine is full automatic, noodle cake drop into fryer noodle box automatically .the machine can make square or cup instant noodle cake, noodle cake weight usually from 35g to 100gRead More
  • Dried Noodle Machine

    Dried Noodle Machine

    Dried noodle machine also called non-fried noodle machine,it’s different with fried instant noodle machine. Fried noodle cake need through oil frying.Dried noodle cake don’t need it. Dried noodle machine process: flour mixing---dough aging---rolling---steaming---cutting...Read More
  • Fresh Noodle Machine

    Fresh Noodle Machine

    Fresh noodle are made from unleavened dough and can be moist (fresh) or dried. People usually eat this kind noodle by boiling it.. There are wheat noodles, or “mein,” made from flour, water, and sometimes salt. There are egg noodles, which are like wheat noodles but a bit...Read More
  • Chowmein Noodle Machine

    Chowmein Noodle Machine

    Chowmein noodle machine also called hand made noodle machine. Process : Flour mixing --- aging ---- dough pressing ---- rod hanging ---- high pressure steaming ---- put noodle into box by hand ---- drying ---- cooling ----- packingRead More
  • Fried Noodle Machine

    Fried Noodle Machine

    Making fried noodle cake need use palm oil, the shape have round and square shape.Per noodle cake weight is usually from 35g to 100g .Fried instant noodle cake can put into hot water for 3 minutes. Then can eat directly.Read More
  • Boiling Noodle Machine

    Boiling Noodle Machine

    Sometimes boiling noodle also called fresh noodle , boiling noodle machine process: Alkali water mixer --- flour mixing ----- aging ----- pressing roll machine ---- boiling machine ---- cooling machine ---- cutting ----- packing Making boiling noodle need add some soda.Read More
  • Steam Noodle Machine

    Steam Noodle Machine

    Steam noodle machine process: alkali water mixing ---- flour mixing ----- aging ----- dough pressing ----- cutting into strip ---- steaming ----- cooling ------ cutting There are two kind of steamer. One is single layer continuous steamer.Read More
  • Bowl Noodle Machine

    Bowl Noodle Machine

    Making bowl noodle cake process has one place different with making square shape . It’s noodle cutting machine . Round noodle cutting machine cost is high than square noodle cutting machine. Now our factory has mastered the technology which can produce both square and round...Read More
  • Automatic Noodle Machine

    Automatic Noodle Machine

    In china there are many kinds of noodle machine, fried instant noodle machine, dried noodle machine,fresh noodle machine,stick noodle machine,chowmein noodle machine,steam noodle machine, boiling noodle machine.Read More
  • Maggi Noodle Machine

    Maggi Noodle Machine

    Maggi noodle machine also called instant noodle machine . Most of maggi noodle cake is fried instant noodles . Usually 50 --- 70 grams . square shape.Read More
  • Automatic Noodle Making Machine

    Automatic Noodle Making Machine

    Zhengzhou kingdoo machinery co.,ltd is a real manufacturer for instant noodle making machine,dried noodle making machine,stick noodle making machine,fresh noodle making machine,chowmein noodle making machine.Read More
We're one of the leading noodle machine manufacturers in China with over 20 years of experience. Welcome to buy high quality noodle machine for sale here and check the price with our factory.