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Noodle Making Machinery

Noodle Making Machinery

we have instant noodle making machinery, dried noodle making machinery, fresh noodle making machinery

Our factory produce different kinds of noodle making machinery, like fried instant noodle making machinery , dried noodle making machinery, dried stick noodle making machinery, fresh noodle making machinery .

Buying different noodle machinery need prepare different material. Some material are same but some are different .

For example if customers open a fried instant noodle factory ,   he need prepare a workshop, pipe,steam boiler,water, flour,palm oil ,soda powder, salt ,labor and so on.

If customers open a dried noodle factory, he need prepare the same thing with fried instant noodle factory except palm oil .

Customers don't need prepare steam boil, palm oil if they produce fresh noodle .

whatever to make which kind of noodles , we all need flour mixer , rolling machine,noodle slitter. These are all same parts for making different kinds of noodle .

We know there are also many good competitors .  So we must reduce errors and learn from other good company .

Some company's machine appearance is more beautiful than us.  We must keep moving and improve our product . 

though our machine appearance maybe is not beautiful  ,the best we can do it's use good material like stainless steel,gear,bearing.motor,speed reducer ,rollers and so on. Our whole machine weight is heavier than others  .

I believe that our factory will become better and better in the future !

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