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Rice Noodle Making Machine

Rice Noodle Making Machine

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 rice noodle making machine

The pulping and steaming process is adopted to produce the same rehydration of vermicelli, which solves the problems of poor taste, poor taste and uneven color of the finished products produced by most hot and sour powder production lines on the market.

rice noodle making machine of Rixing hot and sour powder line is straight line cutting, producing vermicelli with the same thickness. The powder model can be freely adjusted, the weight and shape of the finished product are ever-changing, and it can process many kinds of potato starch raw materials, and a set of equipment has many functions and is never out of date.

 rice noodle making machine advantage:

Simulate natural environment conditions, set temperature, humidity and precise control in stages;

Long-term slow drying, improve product quality;

The contact part of the whole machine is standard 304 stainless steel to prevent the contamination of finished products by external conditions.

Equipped with ultraviolet sterilization equipment to ensure the quality of finished products;

The finished products are regular and not mixed with soup.

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