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Rice Noodle Dryer

Rice Noodle Dryer

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rice noodle dryer

According to the physical and chemical properties of starch and the structural characteristics of starch molecules, it is designed and manufactured from starch to finished vermicelli noodles. The whole production process is fully closed and fully automated. No additives, preservatives and edible pigments are used in the whole production process. It is pollution-free and pollution-free. It fully reflects the green, environmental protection, nature, safety, etc. The production concept of high quality and nutrition can produce various types of crystal fans according to different production areas, different market demands and different consumer groups. The product has regular appearance, uniform shape, uniform color, transparent, clean, sanitary, easy to store and transport. Boiling and foaming resistance, refreshing taste, is people's pursuit of healthy nutritional food, green food, safe food, rest assured food.

rice noodle dryer

In addition to the characteristics of fast response, high control precision, switching mode, good power saving efficiency, stable operation performance, less equipment failure and long service life, the cold storage is widened and longer, aging time is increased, the number of drying layers is increased, drying time is prolonged, and technology is improved. Grade I has greatly increased the production of products, from 8 tons per day to 12 tons per day match rice noodle dryer.


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