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Noodle Machinery

Noodle Machinery


Our  noodle machinery is full automatic, noodle cake drop into fryer noodle box automatically .the machine can make square or cup instant noodle cake, noodle cake weight usually from 35g to 100g , 

we have many different models of instant noodle machinery, capacity is 10000 bags , 20000 bags , 30000 bags , 40000 bags , 60000 bags ,80000 bags , 120000 bags , 160000 bags , 200000 bags , 230000 bags , 280000 bags per 8 hours .

Fried instant noodle machinery: complete set of industrial instant noodles making machines to make instant noodles packed in bags and cups. 

Non-fried instant noodle machinery: complete set of hot-air dried, the non-fried instant noodles production line for making instant ramen noodles packed in bags and cups. 

Easy cooking dried instant noodle machinery: the easy cooking instant noodles production line that makes non-fried easy cooking instant noodles packed in bags or in bulk-package. 

Stick noodle machinery: complete set of stick ramen noodles machines - the final product noodles are specially suitable for the Hakka noodles recipe 

Fresh and wet, pre-cooked or un-cooked noodle machinery: The Fresh raw Wudon instant noodles making plant, the fresh Hakka instant noodles production line, and fresh ramen noodles line and fresh wudon noodles production line 

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