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Noodle Machine Malaysia

Noodle Machine Malaysia

our malaysia customer bought our model 500 noodle machine in 2018.

noodle machine malaysia is composed of brine mixer, brine metering device, double-axis and double-speed dough machine, disc ripening machine, compound calender, multi-layer steaming machine, square cutting and arranging machine, frying machine, air cooler, conveyor, etc.

noodle machine malaysia

Fast food is suitable for the needs of modern life rhythm, and is deeply loved by people. Instant noodles have become the mainstream products of convenience instruments. But the market competition of instant noodles is quite fierce, and more than 90% of the market share is occupied by a few large enterprises. Therefore, compared with many small and medium-sized enterprises, it is a good choice to develop new products and occupy the blank market. Such as instant rice noodles and non-fried instant noodles, their appearance has obviously changed the problem of poor taste of the original instant noodles, and has broken the situation that non-fried food dominates the whole world of instant noodles. Today, health will become the theme, and its market will be promising. The success of some instant rice noodles and instant noodles factories illustrates this point. 

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