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Noodle Equipment

Noodle Equipment

Our factory has different model and differnt capacity noodle equipment.

noodle equipment operation feature 

1. The machine should be installed on the dry and ventilated horizontal ground to ensure the smooth and reliable operation of the machine.

2. Before use, check whether the voltage of the power supply is consistent with the use of the noodle equipment; whether the cores with grounding symbols are reliably grounded; whether the steering meets the requirements; and install the dustpan along the side and the dustpan on the interface according to the graphic position. (In order to facilitate packaging and transportation, along dustpan is not installed on the machine)

3. Mixing noodles: For products with flour mixing mechanism, when the inverting switch is placed in "inverting", the mixer in the mixing hopper starts to run, and the flour can be automatically eliminated by opening the discharging switch after the flour mixing is even. It is suggested that the noodle knife should be removed when mixing noodles to prolong the service life of the noodle knife.

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