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Noodle Dryer

Noodle Dryer

making dried stick noodle ,dried waving noodle cake all need dryer. One is in drying room. One need drying machine.

noodle dryer

Low temperature hanging machine production line: low temperature refers to a structure of drying hanging noodles, generally divided into wire rope and chain.

Advantages: The operation is simple and the quality of noodles produced is stable.

Disadvantage: The price is higher than the moderate and new generation, and the site occupies a larger area.

noodle dryer

New generation of noodle drying machine production line: the new generation refers to a structure similar to that of medium temperature tunnel drying, also known as an improved and upgraded version of medium temperature.

Advantages: The price is lower than low temperature, the occupied area of the site is reasonable, and the output is larger than that of the same type of low and medium temperature.

Disadvantage: Operating relative to low temperature has a certain skill, the quality of noodles produced is stable.

noodle dryer

Medium temperature noodle hanging machine production line: Medium temperature refers to the tunnel structure of noodle drying, which is the earliest form of noodle drying in China.

Advantages: Low price, small space occupied.

Disadvantage: Operation requires 2-3 years of experienced and skilled operators.

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