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Noodle Cutter

Noodle Cutter

noodle cutter : we have 1.0mm , 1.25mm ,1.5mm ,2.0mm and so on.

Problems caused by inferior noodle cutter

1. Noodles with burrs, knots, twists and drawings will affect the appearance and taste of noodles.

2. It will produce a lot of crumbs and destroy the appearance of the dough.

3. Make the noodle soup more turbid,  affecting the taste of the soup.

Rough cut surface of noodles will affect the smoothness of noodle texture.

The advantages of our factory noodle cutter are:

1. The cutter teeth have high meshing accuracy and sharp slicing. The cake is cut into noodles and the silk is clear.

2. High surface finish of knife groove. Its advantages are:

(1) The cut noodles are smooth, without burrs, knots and drawing.

(2) There is no facial debris and slag on the side of noodles, which improves the cleanliness of the side of noodles and reduces the chances of oil attached to noodles.

(3) Decrease the rate of noodles chips, reduce the coke of the oil pan.

(4) The appearance and slippery taste of noodles have been improved obviously.

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