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Instant Noodle Processing Line

Instant Noodle Processing Line

instant noodle processing line

instant noodle processing line 

1. Facial processing: the switch is placed in the "along" position for theinstant noodle processing line . When the dough is kneaded and pressed by the roll, the gap between the rolls should be adjusted from thick to thin, and the thickness of the inlet side is 2-3 times that of the outlet side. After several times of kneading and pressing, the strength and taste of the dough can be improved. It is suggested that the user make full use of the kneading and pressing function of the machine. The face before slicing should be 3-5mm thick, rolled with roll bar and reserved.

2. section: 1). Installation of noodle knife: There are two slots on the left and right grilles. Put the noodle knife into the slot. After the gear on the noodle knife bites the big gear, tighten the butterfly nut and fix the noodle knife with a fixing bracket.

2). Cutter: Put the spare face end into the gap between the two rolls in rotation by hand. After rolling again, it enters the noodle knife, cuts out the noodles and falls into the dustpan. Operators should promptly take out and disconnect the cut noodles and put them into the drying rack.


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