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Instant Noodle Making Machine

Instant Noodle Making Machine

instant noodle making machine

instant noodle making machine common allocation

1.alkali water mixing system

2.flour mixing machine

3.disc aging machine


5.three layer steamer or single layer steamer

6.cutting and dividing machine



9.packing machine


instant noodle making machine

Making instant noodle usually need 4 worker to operate this noodle line .
The instant noodle making machine process include flour with water mixing, dough aging ,compound rolling,continous rolling,waving former, steaming ,frying ,cooling, come into packing machine.
about operate flour mixer , put flour into flour mixer by hand or by air transport system.
then open the valve make the water flow into tank . There are two kinds of speed for mixing . One is common speed ,the other is high and low speed .
after flour mixing with water , the flour will go to rolling machine to press into dough.
dough sheet will become thin and thin.Usually thicness is 0.9mm to 1.5mm.Dough sheet will become waving shape through noodle slitter.
Next will come into steaming machine. steamer temp is 90 - 100 degree.
noodles will be cutted into one and one piece after going cutting and dividing machine.
Then noodle cake drop into fryer , usually oil temp is 140 - 160 degree.
need cool noodle cake and make it keep in a room temp after frying.
in the end conveyor transport noodle cake into packing machine.

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