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Indomie Noodle Machine

Indomie Noodle Machine

indomie noodle machine

indomie noodle machine can produce two shapes ,round and square shape .  The noodle cake's weight usually from 30 gram to 100 gram.  There are two packing styles .  One is plastic packing, one is cup packing.

About indomie noodle machine, there are several models.  KFN200 ,KFN 300,KFN400 , KFN510 , KFN 600,

KFN 800 and so on.

We can take you see running factory which have two big indomie noodle machine lines . That factory is near our company. Only need one hour by car .

Our factory locate in keji road 5th ,mazhai industrial zone, erqi district, zhengzhou city,henan province, china .

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