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Fresh Noodle Making Machine

Fresh Noodle Making Machine

fresh noodle machine have two kinds. One kind process is flour mixing - dough making --- cutting - conveying the other kind is adding a boiling process.

flour mixer of fresh noodle making machine

The dough mixer is the main equipment for the processing of fresh noodle. Its main function is to pour wheat flour and water into the dough hopper of this machine in a certain proportion and mix them into dough. It can also be put in a proper amount of oil, sugar and other food and food additives according to the user's requirements. It is widely used in canteens, restaurants and pasta additives. Workshop is an ideal equipment to replace manual work, reduce labor intensity and meet the dietary and hygienic requirements of the broad masses of people. It can also be used for mixing and mixing other similar materials.

The lengthened shaft and dough machine are equipped with water blocking flange. Once the sealing device of the dough bucket is damaged and leaks occur, the bearing can be protected from water inflow, thus prolonging its service life.

Need pay attention for fresh noodle making machine

1.Rotate for 10-15 minutes before pressing, and keep indoor temperature above 10-15 degrees during winter production.

2. Keep the machine clean after shutdown. There is no residual and no surface billet in each roll.

3. The lubrication of gears and rolling bearings should be maintained.

4. It is strictly forbidden for other hard sundries to fall into the rolls and gears.

5. Replace bearing grease every six months.

6. It is strictly forbidden to adjust the clearance of face rolls to more than 5 mm.

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