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Egg Noodle Machine

Egg Noodle Machine

we can add egg into flour when we make egg noodles. Some customers also add vegetable.

egg noodle machine allocation

1.Various noodle slitter can be used to make wide, narrow, Longxu noodles, spaghetti, steamed buns, etc.

2. Eggs and vegetables can be added to make different delicacies. According to personal taste, you can eat as you like.

3. Simple operation, put in the fabric to come out, easy to fix.

4. Food grade materials, hygiene, health, environmental protection, safe use.

5. Cleaning the excess dough is simple and convenient.

Multiple safety protection devices, long service life.

how to maintain egg noodle machine

1. Operators should carefully study the instructions before using them and strictly follow them.

2. Reversal is strictly prohibited.

3. Check the abnormal phenomena in all parts before starting, and find out the problems should be dealt with in time to avoid accidents.

4. Strictly prevent iron or other hard substances from mixing into flour to avoid damaging the machine parts.

5. You can't pour it directly into the bucket when you turn back.

6. When the machine is running, it is strictly forbidden to extend the hand into dangerous parts such as rolls, gears, chains and cutters.

7. Ensure the lubrication of all rotating parts, including oil marks, oil cups, gears and oil holes on chains. Add 20-3065

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