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Cup Noodle Maker

Cup Noodle Maker

smallest capacity of cup noodle maker is 20,000 cups 8 hours. bigger one is 240,000 cups 8 hours .

Cup noodle maker include fried instant cup noodle maker and dried cup noodle maker .

Mixing is the key step in dried noodle processing,thus the sufficient mixing process capability is very important for guaranteeing the stable dried noodle quality.In order to improve the quality control of mixing,quality traits of dough crumbs were monitored and measured.Control chart methods were used to determine whether the process was in a state of control or not.The factors affecting quality variance were investigated,the corresponding control methods and technical parameters were proposed,and the improvement effect was estimated.The results showed that the dough crumb moisture and dough crumb moisture uniformity fell outside the control limits when the product line was monitored for 20 days.The factors affecting quality variance mainly included excessive noodle crumbs,insufficient mixing time and inappropriate quantity of water added as well as high watering speed.The major methods to improve the process capability included choosing stable quality wheat 

cup noodle maker

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