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Cup Noodle Machine

Cup Noodle Machine


cup noodle machine specification

Noodle Weight: 40-100 grams

Production Capacity: 10,000-300,000 cups/8 hours

cup noodle machine parameters

Plant Space Required: 25m(L) x 8m(W) x 6m(H)  for smallest capacity

(office and wharehouse for raw materials & finished products are excluded)

Power Consumption: 25-200Kw (main production line)

Steam Boiler: 1000-3,000kg/hour

Working Pressure: 10kg/cm²

Frying Oil Consumption: 300-2,000kg / 8 hours

Operator Required: 4-8 persons

cup noodle machine

cup noodle machine means round shape instant noodle machine. People can add hot water into a cup noodle ,then we can eat directly by cup after waiting about 3 minutes.This is a very convenient way,save people much for eating noodles.

cup is usually made of paper or PE , has double or single paper . Customer can choose to buy cup making machine or buy cups directly from the market . 

There are also one fork and seasoning bag matching with noodle cake .It's easy for people eating when they are outside .

There are two kinds of cup noodle packing machine. One kind is full automatic but price is very high . The other kind is semi-automatic. Need worker put noodle cake,seasoning bag and fork into cup . This type price is suitable . Cup noodle packing machine has 4 holes, 6 holes ,8 holes,10 holes and so on.

sometimes we don't call this it's cup noodle , we call this bowl noodle . Because there are different diameter of round noodle cake . Big size is bowl noodle, small size is cup noodle.

Before customer order our cup noodle machine, we need ask customer clearly which size noodle cake they want to make . We can't change the mold(noodle box) after customer confirm the noodle cake size . But we can add one more set noodle box and one unit noodle box exchanging machine if customer want to make different size round noodle cake.

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