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Commercial Noodle Making Machine

Commercial Noodle Making Machine

our factory is professional for producing all kinds of commercial noodle making machine

A commercial noodle making machine includes a flour storing arrangement, a mixing arrangement to form entangled noodle base by stirring the flour fed from the flour storing arrangement together with kneading water, and a water feeding arrangement to feed kneading water to the mixing arrangement. Also, a noodle-making control arrangement is provided to control the noodle quantity for each meal by keeping constant the feed quantities of the flour and kneading water for unit time, and for changing the feed times.

An automatic commercial noodle making machine for noodles, comprising: noodle-making means for forming grain flour into powered fish-like noodle materials, rolling said materials into a noodle web, and cutting said noodle web into noodle lines to make noodles; powder sprinkling means for sprinkling powder on the noodle lines prepared by said noodle-making means; packing means for packing the noodle lines having the powder sprinkled by said powder sprinkling means into a bag; and discharge means for discharging a bag body in which a noodle ball of the noodle lines is packed by said packing means to an outlet.

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