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Commercial Noodle Making Machine

Commercial Noodle Making Machine

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what's the difference between the commercial noodle making machine and square noodle production line?

The front parts are all same like flour mixing machine, rolling machine ,steaming machine .  There are two parts are different.First part is noodle cutting and folding machine . 

square noodle cutting and folding is different with round noodle cutting. They have a different working way. Round noodle cutting machine cost is high.

second part different is mold (noodle box), one is square shape box, one is round noodle box .  Besides, producing round noodle usually need match air shaping machine .To make cup noodle shape better .

Now with  our factory technology development , we can make one commercial noodle making machine which can produce both cup shape and sqaure shape noodle cake . Customer only need buy one more square noodle cutting machine and one set noodle box with noodle box exchanging machine.

There is one my client noodle running factory which only need about 1 hour by car from our company . He  bough our model 630 fried instant commercial noodle making machine in 2012 . The capacity is 160,000 pics per shift . This line can make both round and square shape . We can take customs visit my customer's noodle factory when you come to our city . In my client's noodle factory, his flour mixer is put on the second floor . He use single layer steamer instead of three layer steamer.The single layer steamer is 30 meters long. His workshop is 110 meters long. So have big space for the noodle line, packing area, store room and so on.

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