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Commercial Noodle Machine

Commercial Noodle Machine

our factory has built over 20 years . We are a professional commercial noodle machine manufacturer.

commercial noodle machine is a device that extrudes flour into noodles through relative rotation of the rolls to form the necessary toughness and humidity. It can be divided into simple noodle machine, automatic pick-up noodle machine, pipeline noodle machine, automatic sprinkler noodle machine and so on.

commercial noodle machine is easy to operate, safe and hygienic, and suitable for eye view. Smooth transmission, accurate and efficient transmission power, low noise, no vibration, superior performance and other characteristics, can be matched with small drying equipment.

commercial noodle machine performance characteristics

1. Gear drive is adopted, which runs smoothly, safely and reliably.

2. The automatic stripping system has high efficiency and good quality.

3. Automatic conveying, automatic cross-section, automatic pole-mounting, once shaping, saving labor

4. Multi-group rolling, roll drawing, uniform feeding, neat panel

5. Reducer, sprocket chain drive, low noise, long service life.

6. Operation safety, hygiene and cleanliness.


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