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Chow Mein Making Machine

Chow Mein Making Machine

chow mein making machine also called hand made noodle making machine.

chow mein making machine 

chow mein noodles, also known as hand-pulled noodles, are thinner, smoother and more lustrous than hand-made noodles. Hand row noodles are a kind of non-fried instant noodles. They have less equipment input, large output, flexible variety change, smooth gluten path, and can produce green food. The main difference between corrugated noodles and hand-row noodles lies in the way of folding and drying after noodles are sliced. At present, the folding of corrugated surface (whether round or faceted) mostly adopts mechanical automatic method, and manual folding is mostly used in the hand row surface. In the drying stage, the dryer with constant temperature and humidity is used for high temperature drying. chow mein making machine  can produce many kinds of hand row noodles, including wide strips and thin strips, square, round, oval and so on. The products are long-soaked, elastic, golden and bright in color, delicious and fragrant in taste, unique in flavor, containing protein, vitamins, minerals, carotene, unsaturated fatty acids and other nutrients needed by the human body. They are "green food" made of low-fat sugar and coarse grains.

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