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Best Noodle Machine

Best Noodle Machine

After 20 years experience for producing noodle machine, our factory has much more confident that we can make best noodle machine .

The working principle of best noodle machine is to form noodles by the relative rotation and extrusion of flour rolls, and then slice the noodles through the front machine nose cutting knife, thus forming noodles. The shape of noodles depends on the specifications of the cutting knife. All models can be equipped with different specifications of the cutting knife, so a machine can make noodles of various specifications by replacing different specifications of the cutting knife.

best noodle machine(Fully automatic noodle hanging machine) is a new type of noodle assembly line equipment. It works continuously from feed to outlet. It has the advantages of high yield, high efficiency, time-saving and labor-saving, simple operation and so on. The noodles produced have good toughness and good taste. 

The features of medium-sized best noodle machine are as follows: the roll surface is grinded by grinder, smooth and beautiful, and the rolled surface strip is uniform and smooth, which ensures the good quality of noodles. The machine is designed reasonably, with arrangement, reducer and sprocket drive, low noise, compact structure, humanized design and labor-saving.

The main parts adopt 45 # forged steel gears, and the rolls adopt 45 # seamless steel tube. After heat treatment, the hardness of the rolls is increased, and the extruded noodles are brighter and stronger.

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