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Automatic Noodle Maker

Automatic Noodle Maker

automatic noodle maker include instant noodle maker, dried noodle maker, fresh noodle maker.

automatic noodle maker

automatic instant noodle maker include flour mixer,aging machine,dough maker,steamer and so on

and steamer mainly composed of rack track, box wall, door (sealed door), main mesh belt and auxiliary mesh belt, steam supply system and exhaust pipe. The fuselage is rectangular box, which is composed of stainless steel frame, mesh belt track, box wall and box door. Similar to straight-line evaporator, the wall and door are welded by stainless steel plate, sandwich structure, and the sandwich is filled with high-quality thermal insulation material, which has good thermal insulation performance. The steaming box is divided into upper, middle and lower three steam chambers by stainless steel plate (there are also steaming chambers without separate steam chambers, the whole steaming box is a steam chamber, so the steaming effect of the steaming box is poor). Each steam chamber has a separate steam nozzle, and the steam pressure of each steam chamber can be adjusted.

automatic noodle maker

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