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Automatic Noodle Maker

Automatic Noodle Maker

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automatic noodle maker

automatic noodle maker include flour mixer, aging machine, rollers , steaming machine, cutting machine, frying machine or drying machine, cooling machine, conveyor, packing machine , steam boiler .

flour mixer : there are different kinds flour mixer, single shaft flour mixer(usually for small capacity instant noodle production line). Double shaft flour mixer or vacuum flour mixer.  But vacuum flour mixer usually for fresh noodle line or boiling noodle line.

aging machine: there are two types, round disk aging machine or belt aging machine. belt aging machine cost is high than round disk aging machine

rollers : there are common rolling machine or high allocation which match eletrci sensor and independent motors.

steaming machine: have two kinds , one kind is single layer steamer, the other kind is three layer steamer. single layer steamer is much longer than three layer steamer.

cutting and dividing machine: making square noodle cake need square noodle cutting machine, making round noodle cake need round noodle cutting machine.

packing machine: pillow packing machine is for square noodle cake . Cup noodle packing machine is for round noodle cake .

Our factory can make the whole automatic noodle maker except packing machine and steam boiler . But we supply procurement service.

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