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Fresh Noodle Maker

Fresh Noodle Maker

fresh noodle maker process :flour mixing- dough maker- cutting - conveying

How to make fresh noodle ?

Actually it's easy to make fresh noodle ,even we can make it by hand in our home .Put some flour into a pot , then add about 30% water to mixing . We use hand to make it change a  dough  .After waiting for 20 minutes, we start to use a rod press into a dough sheet . Finally cut the dough sheet into one piece and one piece. 

How we cook the fresh noodle ?

In china, we usually put fresh noodle into hot water and boiling for 3 minutes .Then we add some soup with vegetable or meat onto noodles .We chinese like eating this kind of food very much,especially in north of China.

Now with the development of economy and people busy work, less and less people make fresh noodle by themselves .

So some businessman build a fresh noodle company and start to buy fresh noodle makers . They sell fresh noodles to many market shops or distributors .

Our factory have many different models of fresh noodle maker, from small to big . We can also make it accord customer special requirement .

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