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Dried Noodle Making Machine

Dried Noodle Making Machine

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dried noodle making machine include dried stick noodle machine, dried instant noodle machine, dried chowmein noodle machine.

In general eating dreid noodle is more healthy than eating fried noodle cake .

dried stick noodle making machine process is flour mixer ,rolling machine, rod feeder,rod supplier, up shelf to drying room , drying equipment, down shelf , noodle cutting machine, packing machine . This usually cut into 12cm to 30 cm . Drying time is about 4 hours  .Material is wheat flour . But we can add little vegetable powder or sauce, egg powder to make change into other color . There are two types drying way, one is several lines go ahead straightly together . The other type is only one line go ahead circularly .

dried chowmein noodle making machine is semi-automatic process . After dough pressing the noodle come into steam tank by hand ,then worker put noodle into plastic box. Finally put noodle box onto dryer net belt .

Our factory can produce these several kinds of dried noodle making machines .  Please contact me without any hesitation if you have questions about our factory or our noodle machines.

dried instant noodle making machine has same process with fried instant noodle making machine except frying . Fried noodle use fryer ,dried noodle use dryer which no need palm oil .

Usually dryer is longer than fryer .

Non-fried food has broken the situation that instant noodles dominateof world. Nowadays, health will become the theme, and its market will be promising. The success of some instant rice noodles and instant noodles factories illustrates this point.

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