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Dried Noodle Making Machine

Dried Noodle Making Machine

about dried noodle making machine, we have two kinds of dryer. One is hanging basket dryer. The other is net belt dryer.

dried noodle making machine

whatever we make dried noodle or fried noodle, we all need steaming process.

now we talk about the multi-layer steamer.

The main mesh belt of the multi-layer steamer is driven by the driving device of the steaming mesh belt installed on the cutting and rowing machine. The main mesh belt travels between the layers of the steamer. In addition, a secondary mesh belt is set up. The secondary mesh belt is in the middle and lower layers of the machine to form two interlayers with the middle and lower layers of the main mesh belt. The face belt is turned over in the interlayer, and the secondary mesh belt is usually driven by the main mesh chain wheel to provide power for the secondary mesh belt transmission device.

dried noodle making machine of flour mixer

There are two types of blending equipment, batch type and continuous type, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Intermittent water dosage is easy to control accurately, dough water is more uniform, and continuous operation can be simplified. At present, intermittent water dosage is mostly used.

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