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What's The Problem With The Noise Of The Noodle Machine
Apr 17, 2018

1. when the motor bearing is found to be damaged, it is necessary to inject several drops of lubricating oil between the shaft and the bearing at this time, and then listen to whether the noise is reduced a lot. If not, it is proved that the bearing has been worn seriously and needs to be replaced.

2. check whether the gear reducer is damaged or not. Open the gearbox lid and observe every grade gear. If there is any damage, replace the damaged gear.

3. check whether the lubricating oil in the reduction box is too small. If too little, increase the grease in the gearbox appropriately, check whether the commutator is seriously worn. If it is damaged, replace it and check if the motor rotor is open. The resistance of the two commutators is measured by opening the brush. When there is a greater resistance between the two groups, it shows that the winding is clear.  Under normal circumstances, the replacement of the rotor, the rotor is troublesome because rewind.

The working principle of noodle machine is to squeeze flour into the face piece through the relative roll of the flour roller, and then cut it through the front nose section cutter to form the noodles. The shape of the noodles depends on the shape of the noodles

In the specification of cutting knife, all models can be installed with different specifications of cutting surface knife, so a machine through the replacement of different specifications of the face knife can be made of various specifications of noodles. Surface roll (whole)

Automatic noodle machine) is a new type of noodle line equipment, which has the advantages of high efficiency, high efficiency, labor saving, easy operation and so on. The machine has the advantages of high efficiency, high efficiency, labor saving and easy operation.

The bar has good toughness and good taste. The characteristics of the medium-sized noodle machine are as follows: the surface of the roller is grinded through the grinder, smooth and beautiful, and the rolled face is uniform and smooth, which ensures the good noodle quality.

The machine is designed reasonably, with the arrangement type, reducer and chain wheel chain drive, with small noise, compact structure, humanized design and labor saving. It is easy to operate, safe and hygienic and suitable for eyes.

View. The transmission is stable, the transmission power is accurate and efficient, and it has the characteristics of small noise, no vibration and excellent performance. It can be equipped with small drying equipment. It is the ideal of large and medium wall noodle production enterprise.


1., the gear transmission is stable, safe and reliable. Gear chain drive

2. the automatic pick - up system is used. High efficiency and good quality.

3., automatic conveying, automatic section, automatic upper pole and one-time forming, saving labor force.

4., multi group rolling, roll drawing, feeding uniformity, panel neat.

5. reducer, sprocket chain drive, low noise and long service life.

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