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What Kind Of Noodle Machine Is A High Quality Noodle Machine
Apr 17, 2018

There are all kinds of noodle machines on the market. There are various types of noodle machines, multi - function noodle machine, automatic noodle machine, old noodle machine, semi-automatic noodle machine and so on. Why there are so many kinds and models, which are mainly adapted to various occasions, so that we have created so many kinds of noodle machines. In many kinds of noodle makers, which noodle machine is the best noodle to make noodles?

First, noodle and noodle formula, the technical level of formula is directly affecting the taste of noodles, such as: high gluten flour plus vegetable juice, gluten flour plus eggs, whole wheat noodles, buckwheat noodles, oatmeal noodles and fermenting noodles, and so on. The formula of these fabrics directly affects the taste of noodles, so noodles formula Is every man do research.

Two, noodles machine can also directly affect the taste of noodles, now almost all people take economic construction as the core, so the pursuit of efficiency, but often in the pursuit of efficiency, it is difficult to meet the quality of the noodle taste, for example, the automatic noodle machine can produce 500kg noodles per hour, its production efficiency is so high It is because only one pressing face can be cut into noodles directly. But it may have some problems, for example, noodles are not strong enough to affect the taste of noodles. If it is replaced with a semi-automatic noodle machine, it can repeatedly press the skin over and over again. The noodle taste made by many pressed dough must be very good, but the shortage of the semi-automatic noodle machine is that the efficiency is relatively low.

Generally speaking, noodle taste made by semi-automatic noodle machine is better than full automatic noodle, and the characteristic of automatic noodle is high productivity. Each of the two noodle machines has its own features and has its own advantages. When choosing noodle machine, it depends on the customer's actual situation and location.