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Teach You How To Choose The Right Oil Press Machine
Apr 17, 2018

The "trench oil event" caused a little stir in the country, more and more people noticed the food oil, and then the oil press has become a topic of concern. Nowadays, there are more and more brands of oil press on the market side, and people who see it are dazzled. Some of the illegal businesses of the oil press everywhere advertised, exaggerated their own oil press products, and cheated many entrepreneurs and farmers. Today,

First, try to choose a certain scale of industry and the industry has an influence on the purchase of the oil press business.

In general, the mill manufacturers with strong scale are more capable of developing the leading and excellent oil press, which can ensure the quality of the press, and the after-sales service is more perfect. At present, many companies in the market are production of oil press products, and some companies in Beijing, factories in Henan, exaggerated propaganda and after-sales service is badly in place.

Two, choose different kinds of oil press according to the raw material.

There are two kinds of oil press: two kinds of hydraulic press and screw press. At present, there are many oil presses in the market, such as automatic oil press, multifunctional oil press, vacuum press machine, new oil press machine, fine filter press and so on. In fact, it is a spiral oil press. The difference between the oil crops and the pressing process is also different. The user can ask the manufacturer's equipment to extract the parameters of residual oil from different materials and dry cakes.

Three. How to say the user of the oil press

Generally good oil press merchants all over the country have their own users, you can directly ask the product users how to use the situation, the daily output of the press machine, dry cake residual oil rate, squeezed oil crop oil is the same as the merchants propaganda.

Four, when buying the oil press, we must go to the field, and compare the goods to three houses.

The user visits the oil press manufacturer personally, can more intuitively understand the production of oil press, look at the quality of the press and squeeze out the oil crops, and do not trust the propaganda misleading of some manufacturers. At present, many peasant friends all over the country have seen the factory exaggerating advertising advertising (such as: TV shopping, agricultural prosperity, the Internet, etc.), blindly buying a new type of oil press that has not gone through the performance, and has become a pile of waste iron idle in the home and suffered losses.

Five, the after-sale service of the oil press products should keep up in time

After signing bills with users on the market, the user's machine equipment is not in time, and the user's economy is badly damaged. Even some businesses play with the users when they sign the contract. Many users can not use legal means to defend their rights.