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Six Requirements For Extending The Service Life Of The Noodle Machine
Apr 17, 2018

Noodle makers are dealing with noodle machines every day, but because of improper operation or improper maintenance, it is very easy to cause the noodle machine to press the surface. Finally, the service life of noodle machine can not reach the expected length, but also the taste taste of noodles is seriously affected. Today, the friend of the noodles machine is for everyone. Requirements summarizes six noodle machine operation standard, for each machine operator communication.

1, before use, air transportation should be carried out to confirm that no abnormalities can be normal.

2, check the roller and noodle knife if there are any sundries before starting. After the cleaning is finished, it can start. The power supply must be cut off when wiping the machine. After each use, the surface should be cleaned in time. No sharpness can be used to scrape two rolls and spaghetti knives.

3, the surface can be easily brought into operation when the roll, roll and hand should keep a proper distance. No wooden clubs or other tools can be used to assist in the operation, otherwise, it will easily lead to personal injury and machine damage.

4, each fuel point is added to each class of lubricating oil once, choose gear oil or No. 20 machine oil. The grease inside the bearing is changed once a year, and the machine grease is selected.

5, check the V belt's tightness and wear frequently, and adjust and replace it in time.

6, when the machine is out of use for a long time, the right amount of edible oil should be smeared on the surface of the two roller and noodle knife.

Automatic noodle machine is a safe and efficient noodle processing machine. The noodles produced by the noodle machine are unified and tasty. It is widely used in canteens, restaurants and noodle processing plants. When using noodles machine, it is necessary to carry out the empty machine operation first. If the empty turn is normal, it is possible to use it and pay attention to the machine before starting the machine. Check whether there are any sundries on the roller and the face knives. When the surface is delivered, the operators should pay attention to the safe distance between the hand and the roller.

After use, stop the machine and cut off the power supply, clean up the surface of the fuselage, do not use the sharp metal scraping roll and the noodle knife, lubricate the machine with the oil. The lubricating oil in the bearing should be replaced 1 times a year to check the tightness and wear condition of the belt regularly, for a long time, the new belt should be replaced. Use noodle machine to smear edible oil on the surface of two roller and surface knife, so as to prevent rusting.