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Precautions And Maintenance Of Noodle Machine
Apr 17, 2018

Noodle machine is the machine equipment for producing noodles. Since it is a machine, it needs maintenance and maintenance to better play its performance and effect, and can also increase the service life of noodle machine. What are the matters needing attention and maintenance of noodle machine? Let's share it with you.

1, before using noodles machine, air transportation should be carried out to confirm that it can work normally without exception.

2, check the roller and noodle knife if there are any sundries before starting. After the cleaning is finished, it can start. The power supply must be cut off when wiping the machine. After each use, the surface should be cleaned in time. No sharpness can be used to scrape two rolls and spaghetti knives.

3, the surface can be easily brought into operation when the roll, roll and hand should keep a proper distance. No wooden clubs or other tools can be used to assist in the operation, otherwise, it will easily lead to personal injury and machine damage.

4, each fuel point is added to each class of lubricating oil once, choose gear oil or No. 20 machine oil. The grease inside the bearing is changed once a year, and the machine grease is selected.

5, check the V belt's tightness and wear frequently, and adjust and replace it in time.

6, when the machine is out of use for a long time, the right amount of edible oil should be smeared on the surface of the two roller and noodle knife.

Maintenance and maintenance:

All maintenance and repair work must be done after the power is cut off.

1, clean up the machine once every time after use, ensure that the diet is hygienic, clean, do not use sharp tools to scrape two rolls, nor use spray pipe to clean.

2, each shift from the refuelling point to the gear injection lubricating oil once, the selection of gear oil or 20# oil or edible oil can, each injection amount to a number of ten drops of appropriate, turbine, worm and bearing grease for half a year to replace the use of calcium based grease.

3, check the normal V belt's tightness and wear condition, and adjust or replace it in time.

4, when the machine is out of use for a long time, a small amount of food oil should be applied on the surface of the two roller to prevent rust.

5, during operation, the hard objects should be prevented from entering the rolls, so as not to damage the two rolls.

Operation procedure: in order to improve the quality of the dough, prolong the service life of the machine and save energy, please adjust the roll gap from thick to thin in operation, and the thickness of the inlet is 2-4 times of the thickness of the surface. And do not put your hand near the roller to avoid accidental injury.

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