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Mechanic Principle Of Noodle Machine
Apr 17, 2018

Mechanical principle:

The working principle of noodle machine is to squeeze flour into the face piece through the relative roll of the flour roller, and then cut it through the front nose section cutter to form the noodles. The shape of the noodles depends on the specifications of the cutting knife. All the models can be fitted with different sizes of cutting knives, so a machine can be made of noodles with various specifications by changing the face knife of different specifications.

Mechanical classification

Simple noodle machine: the noodles are formed by the extrusion of a face roll over the flour many times. The noodles are formed by cutting the cutting blade. The length of noodles must be broken by hand when cutting the strip, and then the noodles are processed artificially.

Automatic noodle picking is a noodle machine. The machine is made up of multiple groups of surface rollers. It is highly automated, efficient, time-saving and labor-saving.

The machine is made of flour extruded by many groups of surface rollers, forming the patch. Then the noodle is cut through the cutter head of the front nose section, and the length of the noodle is divided by the breaker.

The automatic cutting is carried out, and then the noodle is cut and shaped by the automatic picking device, hanging on the top bar, hanging on the picking bar, and drying the noodles.

Pipeline noodle machine: the noodle making machine is the most automated noodle making machine at present, and the flour is extruded through many groups of surface rollers.

The noodle is cut through the cutting edge of the front face cutter, the split device is broken, and then the rod is processed by the automatic bar picking device, so that the pressed noodles are automatically hung over the noodles bar through the baking room for the drying room. The noodles after the drying are entered into the intelligent cutting machine and automatically cut off the molding.