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How To Operate And Exclude The Following Failures Of Noodle Machine?
Apr 17, 2018

How to operate and exclude the following failures of noodle machine?

1, the panel can not be connected normally?

Break out and residual plate phenomenon appear, such as a thin panel, the next slab thick, the lower demand large, which will break the plate, and vice versa, the reason that when adjusting the gap between the roll gap, reduce the lower group to the gap or increase the gap between the upper group, the remaining plate will increase the gap between the lower group roll or the upper group roll. Gap.

2. On the side of the panel or on both sides of the panel is uneven.

It is due to the inconsistent surface between the two ends of the roller, so adjust the clearance between the two ends of the roll to make the uniform.

3. Panels and noodles are curved?

It's between roll scraper and cutter, comb cutter, installation angle is too large or the edge of comb knife edge is reverse, so that it can be adjusted in place.

4. Panel dip roll?

Because the water content of the billet is too large or the scraper bolt is loose.

5. Can't make noodles?

It is the discrepancy between the blade and the bottom plate of the section section, and the trimming section can be adjusted to the right edge.

6, noodles broken bar?

It's because there are impurities in the flour, the remaining residue in the last and the bucket, or uneven surface.