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How To Choose The Spaghetti Packing Machine
Apr 17, 2018

Noodle packing machine: it is made of noodles by the kneading of a opposite roll over the flour many times. The noodles are formed by cutting the cutting blade. The length of noodles must be broken through the handicraft when cutting the strip, and then the noodles are processed manually.

Automatically pick up a machine to form a noodle machine once. It is a machine composed of multiple groups of surface rollers. The machine has high automation level, high efficiency, time saving and labor saving machine. The machine is kneaded by flour through multi groups of rolls and then forms the face. Then the noodles are cut through the front cutting knife cutting strip, and the length of noodle is divided by the split device. The noodles are automatically split, and then the noodles are hung on the top rod by automatic pick - up, hanging on the bar, the noodles are insolated, the noodles are automatically broken, and then the noodles made of the noodles are put on the top bar, and the noodles are hung on the bar, and the noodles are exposed to the sun.

Line noodle machine: the line noodle machine is the noodle making machine with the highest automation level at present. The flour is kneaded through the kneading of multiple groups of rolls and then formed the face slice. The noodles are cut through the front cutter cutting bar, the split device is broken, then the rod is processed by the automatic pick up device, so that the pressed noodles are automatically hung over the bar through the baking room for baking. After drying, the noodle enters the intelligent noodle cutting machine and automatically blocks. Vermicelli machine, medium temperature vermicelli machine, low temperature vermicelli machine, automatic vermicelli packaging machine.