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Working principle of corn noodle machine
Apr 17, 2018

The multi function corn noodle machine can produce heat and self ripening by extruding the screw press itself, using corn, flour, rice flour, sorghum surface and bean noodles with one or more mixed cocoa rice flour, corn noodles, corn golden silk noodles, sorghum Oolong noodles, millet noodle, wheat noodle, rice crystal noodle and green bean noodles. The buckwheat flour, naked oats flour and vegetable noodle and so on, the multifunctional corn noodle machine can also produce fish noodle, beef noodle noodles, Korean cold noodles, rice noodle, rice noodles and other products. The corn noodle produced by the multifunctional corn noodle machine has bright yellow color, unique flavor, strong toughness, good elasticity, smooth and smooth muscle, long continuous cooking, and young and old love to eat. It is now sold, or served for breakfast, snack, factories, residential areas, hotels, etc., which is suitable for processing industry or bulk packaging in the wholesale market.

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