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Key points for safe operation of noodle machine
Apr 17, 2018

1. operators should carefully study the instructions before using them and strictly follow the instructions.

2., put the machine on the dry and ventilated horizontal ground before using it to ensure that the machine works smoothly and reliably.

3. carefully check the machine feeding mouth has no iron, hard objects, and clear in time, before use will pick out the veliger. Check whether there are any abnormal phenomena in all parts, and find that problems should be dealt with promptly, so as not to cause accidents.

4. check whether the supply voltage is consistent with the power supply. The noodle machine is strictly forbidden.

5. to extend the power supply line, to connect the line core with grounding symbols reliably, and to connect the other three wire cores (with two single machine motors) to the lead terminal of the opening type load switch (brake switch), the closed opening load switch, the starting switch, and the moving roll down from the feed inlet. The operation is correct, no load test run, no abnormal parts can be tested.

6. adjust the roll gap according to the needs, and rotate the handwheel with the handle handle, so that the adjustable roll can move in and out. The rolling gap is not adjusted in 0-25mm, and the axial clearance is uniform, so that the thickness of the rolled dough is uniform. It is strictly prohibited to transfer the clearance of the surface roll to more than 5 millimeters.

7. the back surface can not be directly poured into the face bucket.

8. when the machine is running, it is forbidden to extend the hand into the dangerous parts such as rollers, gears, chains, cutting knives, etc.

9. to ensure the lubrication of the rotation parts, oil mark, oil cup, gear, chain oil holes in each part of the chain, two times each shift 20#-30# oil, cutter surface, roll surface after each class finished, add a little oil.

10., during operation, the hard objects should be prevented from entering the rolls, so as not to damage the two rolls.

Prevention and response:

1. there are at least 2 employees in the noodle machine workshop, so that we can timely rescue when accidents happen.

2., in the event of a bite injury, the staff should immediately turn off the noodle machine and dial 119 for help.

3., don't pull your arm hard after the accident. You should quickly disassemble the machine.

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