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Oil Steam Boiler

Oil Steam Boiler

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oil steam boiler

The pressure of the oil fed into the burner (2-3.9 MPa) causes the oil to flow into the atomizing sheet with tangential grooves from many fine channels, and to spin at a high speed into the swirl chamber in the center of the atomizing sheet to form a hollow conical atomizing torch. This kind of nozzle has two forms: simple mechanical type and return oil type. The former has simple structure, but poor fuel injection regulation. When the oil steam boiler load changes, the oil pressure must be changed to change the injection quantity. However, the quality of atomization is poor when the oil pressure decreases, so it is only suitable for boilers with basic load or without constant load adjustment. The latter is to let part of the oil flowing from the tangential groove into the swirl chamber flow to the return pipeline through the oil hole before the exit of the nozzle, and adjust the injection amount (i.e. the return adjustment) by changing the return oil amount. Because the oil pressure entering the scroll chamber is basically unchanged, the quality of oil atomization is not affected, so it can adapt to larger load changes. Oil return can be divided into single-hole oil return and porous oil return.

oil steam boiler

The fuel is atomized by high-speed steam injection. The nozzle head consists of oil holes, steam holes and mixing holes, which form a Y-shaped arrangement. The oil pressure is 0.5-2 MPa and the vapor pressure is 0.6-1 MPa. Oil and vapor enter the mixing holes and collide with each other to form an emulsified mixture of oil and vapor. Then the mixture holes are injected into the furnace to form an atomization torch. In terms of regulation, the steam pressure is maintained unchanged and the fuel injection volume is changed by adjusting the oil pressure. Oil steam boiler is composed of two parts: nozzle and air conditioner. The former is used to form atomization torch by injecting fuel oil into furnace, and the latter is used to supply oil droplets in atomization torch with appropriate air. In order to avoid hydrocarbon pyrolysis of oil vaporized from atomized droplets under anoxic conditions above 700 C and to produce non-combustible carbon black particles, a part of air and oil mist must be pre-mixed so that oil and gas can be oxidized without pyrolysis. Therefore, the air regulator can be designed as a spiral case or equipped with a guide vane with adjustable opening to rotate the air, and then the rotating airflow can be ejected from a circular tube in the center of the spiral case to mix well with the atomized oil torch, as shown in Figure 1. Oil burners, like pulverized coal burners, can be arranged on the front wall, front and rear walls, top or corner of the furnace. According to the capacity of the boiler, each furnace can be equipped with 8-40 oil burners.

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