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Mini Steam Boiler

Mini Steam Boiler

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mini steam boiler sometimes called steam generator, is an important part of steam power plant. Power plant boilers, steam turbines and generators are the main engines of thermal power plants, so power plant boilers are important equipment for producing electric energy. Industrial boilers are indispensable equipment to provide steam for production and heating in various industrial enterprises. There are many industrial boilers, which need to consume a lot of fuel. Utilizing high temperature waste gas as heat source in production process plays an important role in energy saving. Marine boilers are installed on various ships, and the steam generated is used to drive steam power machinery. As the main equipment of steam locomotive, locomotive boilers still have some applications. mini steam boiler withstands high temperature and pressure, so safety is very important. Even for small boilers, once explosion occurs, the consequences are very serious. Therefore, strict laws and regulations have been formulated for material selection, design calculation, manufacture and inspection of boilers.

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