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Industrial Boiler

Industrial Boiler

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  1. During the operation of industrial boilers, attention should be paid to the following points: (1) gas-fired boilers are not allowed to burn under positive pressure or to spray smoke in the furnace, because they are easy to burn out the coal-adding hole cover; (2) water on the ground at the bottom of gas-fired boilers is not accumulated to prevent moisture and corrosion.

2. industrial boiler should be inspected every 2-3 weeks.

3. industrial boiler should be shut down every 3-6 months for comprehensive inspection and maintenance: (1) inspect the inside and outside of the gas-fired boilers, such as the weld of the pressurized part, whether there is corrosion inside and outside the steel plate, if serious defects are found, they should be repaired in time, and if the defects are not serious, they should be repaired at the next shutdown, if suspicious points are found. However, it does not affect the safety of production, records should be made for future reference; (2) after inspection, the boiler primer can be coated on the surface of the water to prevent corrosion.

4. industrial boiler and boiler base are painted at least once a year.

5. Maintenance methods for industrial boiler are usually not used: dry and wet methods. If the stoppage is more than one month, dry maintenance method should be adopted, and wet maintenance method can be used for less than one month.
(1) Dry Maintenance Method: After stopping the boiler, put out the furnace water, thoroughly remove the internal dirt, wash it, dry it in the furnace with a light fire (pay attention not to big fire), then pack the 10-30mm diameter block quicklime tray and place it in the pot barrel, keep the quicklime from contacting with metal, and the weight of quicklime in the pot barrel, so as to keep the volume of the pot barrel. Calculate the volume of 8 kilograms per cubic metre, then close all manhole and hand hole pipe valves, check once every three months, if the lime crushing composition is in shape, it should be replaced immediately, and the quicklime and tray should be taken out when the boiler is re-running.
(2) Wet Maintenance Method: After stopping the boiler, the water is discharged, the internal dirt is thoroughly removed, the water is flushed clean, the treated water is reinjected to full, the water is heated to 100 C, the gas in the water is discharged out of the furnace, and then all valves are closed. Moisture Maintenance method should not be used in cold climates to avoid freezing of the boiler water to damage the boiler.

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