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Gas Steam Boiler

Gas Steam Boiler

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Characteristic Editing of gas steam boiler

1. Large font shows the water temperature, which is convenient to grasp the operation status of the gas steam boiler and system. The water temperature can be set at will from 10 to 90 degrees Celsius. The boiler can automatically heat the system or provide users with hot water for life and bathing.

2. The control system controls the start and stop of the circulating pump according to the temperature of the furnace water. When the boiler water reaches the upper limit water temperature, the hot water circulating pump starts, and when the lower limit water temperature is lower, the hot water circulating pump stops.

3. Horizontal gas steam boiler is a three-return full-wet back structure. It adopts the design of large hearth and thick smoke pipe to increase the radiation heat absorption in the hearth, so as to effectively save energy and reduce consumption. The use of threaded flue pipe and corrugated bladder greatly strengthens the heat transfer effect and saves fuel consumption.

4. The whole machine is equipped with overheat protection (when the water temperature in the furnace is very high, the burner stops working automatically and buzzes to alarm, the secondary overheat protection (when the temperature of the boiler shell exceeds 105 C, the secondary circuit is automatically cut off), the protection against dry burning and water shortage (when the water in the furnace is below the very low water level, the boiler stops working and gives buzzing alarm), and the boiler. Leakage protection (the control system will automatically cut off the power supply after detecting the leakage and short circuit of the electrical appliances).

5. gas steam boiler is designed according to atmospheric pressure structure. Boiler is in a pressure-free state, and there is no safety risk. High-grade centrifugal glass wool multi-layer insulation, famous white color steel plate as outer packaging, less heat loss, beautiful rust resistance

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