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Gas Boiler

Gas Boiler

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1. The gas boiler adopts three-return horizontal wet-back structure, which can effectively absorb thermal expansion and ensure the thermal efficiency of the boiler.

2. Threaded flue gas boiler pipes with high heat transfer coefficient are used to enhance the convective heat transfer effect, reduce the exhaust gas temperature and improve the thermal efficiency of boilers.

3. Large volume combustor adopts full corrugated furnace gallbladder structure, enlarges heating area, has good disturbance, strengthens heat transfer, and has high thermal efficiency.

4. The burner adopts international famous brand with high quality and reliability, which makes the fuel burn completely, has high combustion efficiency, less harmful pollutants in flue gas and runs without noise.

5. Complete fuel valve group and protection system: Fuel valve group and accessories from filters, pressure regulating valves and solenoid valves are provided to ensure the safety of fuel combustion.

gas boiler

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