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Diesel Boiler

Diesel Boiler

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diesel boiler include diesel boilers, oil-fired hot water boilers,  oil-fired heating boilers, oil-fired bathing boilers, oil-fired steam boilers, etc. Oil-fired boilers refer to boilers fueled by light oil (such as diesel, kerosene), heavy oil, residue or crude oil. Compared with gas-fired boilers and electric heating boilers, oil-fired boilers run more economically and are more convenient to use than gas-fired boilers. With the development of economy and social progress and the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, coal-fired boilers are gradually away from people's sight because of serious pollution. Instead, they are new environmental protection digital boilers, such as electric heating boilers, diesel boiler, gas-fired boilers, etc. Electric heating boilers are the most expensive to operate, and gas-fired boilers need to be turned on. Gas pipeline, then, if there is no natural gas pipeline, and hope that the boiler operation cost is low, only choose diesel boiler. diesel boilers are heated by burners, with good fuel atomization effect, full fuel combustion and no black smoke in the chimney. Therefore, oil-fired boilers are environmentally friendly, efficient and energy-saving.

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