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Coal Boiler

Coal Boiler

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1. coal boilers are single-drum vertical in structure. Water wall tubes are installed on both sides of the furnace, forming wing-shaped flue ducts. Threaded flue tubes are arranged in the drum, and movable grates with very little coal leakage are adopted. The structure is reasonable, the thermal efficiency is high, and the energy consumption is greatly saved.

2. Horizontal coal-fired atmospheric pressure steam boiler, hot water boiler, gas-fired boiler, energy-saving and environment-friendly boiler, adopt three-return water-fire tube structure arranged longitudinally in a single drum, densely distributed light tube water wall tubes on both sides of the furnace, with reasonable and compact design structure; large heating area, long flue gas flow, good heat transfer effect, and exhaust gas temperature Low degree, so the thermal efficiency is high, the operation cost is low, and the use is more economical.

3. Vertical coal boilers, hot water boilers and hearth adopt water-cooled elbow structure, surrounded by furnace gallbladder, large heating area, high thermal efficiency, energy saving and consumption reduction; shell adopts elliptical head, grate adopts cast iron round grate, durable, long service life.

4. Horizontal coal boiler, after the fuel is burned on the grate, the flame passes through the low wall to the burning chamber, from the burning chamber to the front smoke chamber through the wing-shaped flue on both sides, then from the flue tube bundle to the back smoke chamber, and then is drawn into the atmosphere through the chimney by the induced draft fan, which not only prevents the bottom of the pot shell from being radiated by the high temperature of the furnace, but also enables the high temperature tube plate to enter into the atmosphere. The temperature of flue gas decreases with backwater ejection, and there is no dead water zone at the bottom of the drum. It can also effectively prevent the tube sheet from scaling due to supercooling and boiling and the convex hull at the bottom of the furnace. Turning the flue gas to the flue chamber can remove dust and reduce the original dust concentration.

5. Coal  boilers have compact body layout, small floor area, convenient transportation, quick installation, short installation cycle, low installation cost, less user investment and quick recovery.

6. Vertical coal boilers, hot water boilers and tubes of heating area are all straight tubes, and there are enough cleaning hand hole devices to facilitate manual machinery cleaning dirt and internal inspection. Horizontal coal-fired atmospheric pressure hot water boiler is equipped with large manholes on the upper part, so that personnel can enter the inner part of the furnace from the manholes, which greatly facilitates the inspection and maintenance of the boiler.

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